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As recommended by Fitness Magazine, August 2003, Beurer SOFTLASER, for beautiful skin, anti-aging, wrinkles and so much more!

Non-Invasive & Highly Effective

Learn the secrets of exclusive European Spas and Salons. The German-made Softlaser was designed for skin rejuvenation and improvement.  It does not cut or burn, but penetrates into the skin to produce collagen and cell regeneration resulting in the youthful skin and look you crave.  You feel no discomfort and will be amazed by the results.

Light is Life

Since the beginning of time, our daily routines have been determined by the light of day.  We set our life patterns to coincide with the sun's passage.  In ancient times, the sun was considered a god because of it's curative powers.  Sunlight makes us feel healthy and happy.  It has been proven that light affects our bodily processes in a fundamental way and that a shortage of it can lead to illness.

Not All Light is the Same....

Laser light incorporates only the beneficial spectrum of light and contains none of the harmful effects of sunlight.  Sunlight encompasses the full spectrum of the rainbow from violet to blue, green yellow , orange and red as well as the invisible wavelengths ultraviolet and infrared.  Some of these frequencies of light can be harmful to the body.  The Softlaser operates in the "Red" spectrum at 635-675nm which is the most beneficial range for cellular stimulation and regeneration.  Laser light therapy means renewed energy for our cells.

Softlaser Light is a Healer

.....and a lot more.  Cellular energy (ATP) needs to be produced by each individual body cell in order for it to function properly.  If the cell does not have sufficient ATP, it is fatigued and susceptible to illness and infection and cannot function the way it was intended.  To operate at optimal efficiency cells have their own small "power station" - the mitochondria to produce ATP.  The fuel to power the cell to produce ATP is light.  Production of cellular energy is accelerated as soon as the cells are stimulated by soft laser light.  Cell energy (ATP) is produced and the self-healing and defensive processes of the body are stimulated.  The result is photo-biostimulation.

The Skin - A Marvel...

Our skin is not just a covering which separates our body from the outside world.  It is a vital organ with many functions.  The external surface of the body protects us against harmful influences, helps regulate the body temperature, serves as a blood reservoir and defends us against numerous pathogens.  Furthermore, it registers various external sensory stimulation and information.

Your Personal Laser at Home

If the body's production of Cellular energy is disturbed, the consequences can be skin blemishes, wrinkles, spider veins and a host of other skin problems.  The Softlaser activates the "body's own pharmacy" and provides the skin with new energy resulting in a more beautiful you!

The self-healing and defensive processe4s of the body are stimulated with the Softlaser the collegian is produced below the surface of the skin.   The result is a smoother, more beautiful skin that is free of blemishes.  It is the most powerful tool you can use in your anti-aging arsenal!

The Softlaser is a medical-grade product that stimulates cellular energy gently and naturally and without undesirable side effects like some other products.  It can be utilized by the whole family and is simple and easy to use.

The compact, well designed personal laser is made in Germany, has a surgical steel head and is a class 3A laser device operating under 5mW of power at a 635-670nm wavelength.  In Europe it is CE certified as a medical device suitable for home use and is also licensed by Health Canada.

$225 plus shipping & handling

includes 1 pair of Safety Goggles,1 bottle of Skin Solution, Battery Charger  and Re-Chargeable batteries

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery

Therapy with the Softlaser...

Don't let the term "Laser" scare you. The Softlaser does not cut or burn as surgical lasers do.  Instead it's light penetrates into the skin to stimulate cellular growth and regeneration.  You feel no discomfort from the treatment.  The Softlaser produces true laser light that is isochromatic and oscillates in a uniform parallel wavelength.  The cells are stimulated and produce a host of bio-chemical elements including ATP and collagen.  The Softlaser operates in the 635-675nm wavelength which has proven to be the most beneficial for skin rejuvenation.  The Softlaser supports the self-healing process in a gentle and natural way and is highly effective for many conditions.

Just a few treatments twice a day can improve your skin.  Depending on the underlying problem, a daily treatment of six minutes twice a day is ideal for most conditions - time well spent for a beautiful and healthy you!

The Present and the Future...

The Softlaser is a marvel of modern medical technology.  It works with the body's natural functions to enhance cellular energy production.  The results are a more beautiful you.  After extensive clinical trials in Europe, the Softlaser is utilized for a number of additional conditions such as treating acne, cold sores, colds, infections and minor pain.  We are conducting clinical trials to prove the efficacy of the Softlaser for these conditions in the United States.  Until such time as a successful conclusion of these trials, we make absolutely no medical claims about the Softlaser.  The Softlaser is sold as an Anti-Aging and beautiful skin product.

Before and After 4 Days

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