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Hey Mike, wow, seems like things are going well. Great, and congratulations on your ever constant growth to stamp out smoking. So, I am writing to inform you of yet another anniversary. Can you believe it's
been 7 years? Yes, 7 years since we first met. I am still a great promoter for you, I only hope they mention me when they come up! Keep up the great work! Oh, btw...see the Stanley Cup made its' way to our hometown of Ludlow? Dino Lombardi is from Ludlow, a former classmate, also played hockey with Terry, you remember my husband, I'm sure. Certain people you just don't forget and I am sure you remember me! Yes, still riding the Harley! And a new grandma too!

Stay Well!
Best Regards
Robin Chandonnet


Hi Mike,

You probably don't remember me but I came to you several years ago and successfully quit smoking through your Laser Treatments. Can you go back and see what Year it was that I came to you for this. I'm thinking it was 2007 maybe 2006 but I have lost track of how many years it has been. I am so happy that I came to you for the help. I am pretty sure it was the month of January but forgot what the date was. Thanks for any help with this question. Gina Newport,NH

Hi Mike,

I'm not sure if you will remember me or not, I know you see many many people at your practice, however I felt compelled to write, as of May 26th 2011.... it has been 3 years smoke free ! I look back to the day I sat in the treatment room and you explained what was going to happen and how the process worked... I was saying to myself uh huh.. as soon as I get out of here... there was a store down the road... im gonna grab a pack of smokes... but fortunately that never happened... I walked out of there and never looked back... I came in the next day for the 2nd treatment... but honestly... I didn't even need it... I was done for good after the first one!

I want to thank you guys for saving my life... I had been smoking for 35 years and had tried several things to quit... Hypnotists twice... Cold turkey... and I was on Chantix for 6 or 7 months before I came to see you... nothing worked for me... Until Laser.... the most incredible thing was the fact that I had no withdrawals or cravings... it was simple !

Mike feel free to use this letter if you like... I refer as many people that will listen to me for 5 minutes to explain the process as I can daily... Again thank you thank you thank you !


Joe Armano

Hi Mike,

My husband Fred Ouimette is so glad he came to you to Quit Smoking. He has been smoke-free for 6 years on 12/21/2003. It seems like it was yesterday, never no cravings and when someone smokes around him, he says it stinks. Have a wonderful Xmas and a happy, healthy New Year!

Andrea & Fred Ouimette

Hello Mike and everyone at ALT.,

I am happy to tell you its been 3 years and going strong since I stopped smoking with your program. Keep up the great work. I tell everyone that is considering stop smoking how I stopped I am always putting the word out there for you. ; )

Have a safe and happy holiday. and a great 2010!!!!!!!


Renee P ; )





Thank you,

Joanne Beacker

Hi Mike;

3 1/2 years and absolutely no desire to get near a cigarette. Best thing I ever did for myself!!! Retired now and living in Bluffton, SC- 6 miles from Hilton Head. Recently sent another person your way.

All the best.

Jim Vineburgh

Bluffton, SC

Dear Mike,

I hope you and your staff at Advanced are well, and I wish you a Very Happy New Year. I just received an e-mail from you congratulating me on the 2nd year of being 'smoke free!'

I cannot begin to explain how grateful I am to you and Advanced for your assistance in quitting this 'dreadful habit.' I feel so much better, and I know how much I 'freaked' of cigarette smoke, because whenever I am near someone who smokes, that odor just permeates the air...

I have told many people about your wonderful method, and I will continue to do so...I just hope that each of them will give you a call...

Take care, and God Bless you!!

Mary Hallisey

Hi Mike,

Wish you the very best in your new location! Thanks to you, I have been smoke free for almost three years!

Thank you for giving me your support and enthusiasm to quit that awful habit!!

Best regards,

Mary Hallisey

Jim & I, are "smoke free" 2 years now! No set backs. I talk about your service all the time!

So glad we never incurred the extra expense of nicotine patches. I look around now at my "old" smoker "friends" & see the color of their skin tone & listen to their cough and thank God for your Laser Therapy & the fact that i could quit after 37 & 1/2 years of smoking!

Thank you!

Betsy & Jim

Merrimack NH

Wishing you and all the staff and your family the happiest of a New Year. Jan 10th is my 1 year anniversary of not smoking, now I feel I can really say yes I made it!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for all your help.

Virginia Bruton


I would like to thank you and everyone at advanced laser therapy, it has been 9 months yesterday (2/1/07) since my last cigarette. I recommend you to everyone I know who smokes.

Thank you,


Thank Your Aaron and the Laser Therapy Team,

I Vickie Petrigni am so happy that I decided to come to you to quit smoking. I, me, myself, and I would prefer to smoke. However, I know that I cannot smoke any more. My health depends on my not smoking. I am so thrilled and extremely happy that the laser therapy has resulted in my not smoking. I have not smoked at all. I have had brief moments where I have thought about it, but it was extremely brief and poof it was gone. I have never felt better, HO, HO, HO, ..... One of these days I will feel great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In the mean time I will keep going -- to stay away from smoking. Your therapy really makes it easy for ME, because I really needed and really had to quit smoking. I really know that when all is well with the mind and the body, you will succeed. I can't tell you enough that I am so happy that I finally came to you to quit smoking. You were the one that helped with the monkey on my back. I know that that is just a saying, but the reality of it is that is what it is.






Victoria E Petrigni

Hi Aaron,

I would like to express my thanks for the treatment I had. I had been a heavy smoker for almost 30 years. I had been hoping to give up cigarettes I tried every thing no luck,until i heard about you. I am smoke free for almost 4 months now! I don't know what to say,"thanks and god bless you".

Good Luck and much success.

Raad Aljarah

Manchester, NH

Hi Aaron.

I have to thank you so much for introducing your program to me. I had smoked for 30 years and came to a point where I wanted to quit but every attempt was unsuccessful.

I am happy to say, I have been smoke free since our session on Nov 4th, 2006. I feel like a whole new person. I know that I am smoke free for life!!!!!

Ellen Catano

Manchester, NH

Hello Mike,

It's been a year since I quit. I never dreamed I'd make it this long. I'm pretty confident and I have no desire to go back. I am a non smoker...

Donna Cress


Hi Aaron,

I have to admit, when we first heard about using Advanced Laser Therapy to quit smoking, I was skeptical. However, my wife wanted to give it a try, so she convinced me to make appointments. As anyone who has ever tried to quit smoking knows, it's hard enough when you are totally committed, let alone when you are "talked into it", and actually trying to quit for someone else.

When I arrived for the first treatment, and the procedure was explained to me, I was wondering if the whole thing was smoke, mirrors, and the power of suggestion. However, as they say....the proof of the pudding. Bottom line, we both smoked cigarettes right up to the one hour deadline, took the first treatment and haven't had another cigarette since. It's now been 15 weeks since our first treatment and our last cigarette. By the way, I did the math. 15 weeks at approximately $65.oo per week for cigs = $975 versus $650 for both our treatments.

Important safety tip. Drink the water ---for two reasons. We both encountered some angst at one time or another for the first week, or so, but guzzling room temperature water (easier than cold water ) did the trick, and killed the cravings. Also, use the water for your "legal water break" versus your "legal cigarette break" After that first week, it has gotten easier by the day. (and I'm on a bowling team with 3 smokers).

I should add a brief "smoker's" history. My wife, Jean, hadn't smoked for 30 years, and I hadn't smoked for 18 years, when we both were over-served at a wedding, and ended up bumming some cigarettes. Smokers know the rest. We soon were up to 25 cigarettes a day, and had smoked for the last 6 years. I had quit or tried to quit many times before, but this was by far the most painless time. What's more, neither my wife nor I ever tried to choke the life out of the other because of grouchy withdrawal!!! The withdrawal just wasn't there.

Good luck.

Glenn & Jean

Dear Lisa,

I would like to express my deepest thanks for the treatment of my son, Mackenzie. He had been a heavy smoker for almost 5 years. As a concerned parent and non-smoker, I had been hoping he would take the steps necessary to give up cigarettes.

When he finally decided it was time for a change, I Immediately thought of you. He was a little nervous about the laser procedure, but afterwards revealed that it was quick, painless and that you made him feel completely at ease. I am happy to report that he is now seven days smoke free and reports "Dad, it's amazing. I've lost the urge. I don't even think about cigarettes any more."

Good Luck and much success.


Ellsworth Buck MBA

Vice President

Dear Mike:

After smoking for over 40 years, I had your smoking cessation treatment on January 15 and 16th, 2006 (you did one session and Emily did the other). I did not have one withdrawal symptom (prior attempts to stop cold turkey had caused me to be literally disoriented among other things) and have absolutely no desire to smoke. A miracle. I have heard your recent ads on WBZ and would be happy to be a spokesperson for you. I have given your name to numerous people, some of whom I hope have come to see you. We also discussed your desire to open an office nearer Boston. I hope you are still considering that. Did you ever consider a promotion (perhaps around mother's and father's day or birthdays) whereby you would offer gift certificates so people could send their loved ones to you. Best thing I have done for myself in years.


Boston, MA

Hey Claudine,

How goes the battle? Things are going well for me. I haven't had a cigarette since Tuesday, September 19th. I really have had no craving for a cigarette. You were right, I find myself reaching for a cigarette out of habit, not because I crave one. I can honestly say I think I've finally quit. I now know that I can't have that "one" cigarette and be ok. I'll keep you posted, but so far, so good. Thanks so much for you help!!


Foxboro, MA

Hi Mike,

You are too much you know. How exciting was Friday, April 21st? I was on top of the world, first and foremost I met my 6 month anniversary of being a non-smoker. How cool is that? I DON'T MISS THEM OR THINK OF THEM. Ok, even better- your persistence of following up on my weight issue that was bothering me - I have be sucking down the water, eating 2 pieces of fruit and guess what? I have started to lose weight. I am on top of the world thanks to you. I haven't felt this great in a long time. You need to come out this way and spread your work. We need to do something. Thank you, thank you thank you. Did I say thank you. I am so, so happy.

Thank you. Mike, maybe we can try something with you coming down here - a pretrial run so to speak. I have the office- and there are 3 local stations to advertise on to see what type of feedback we could get. I tell everyone about you. You know, it's funny some people say, oh I want to quit smoking, then I tell them about you and they are like oh, ok, I will think about it. Key, Key - how bad or how ready are you? This is a gift.

What are they waiting for? Keep in touch.

Best Regards


Ludlow, MA

Hello Aaron

I am very happy with the results. For the first two weeks I felt no withdrawal symptoms. My biggest worry was going through withdrawals. I would have quit a long time ago if I didn't have the worry of withdrawals. I have had issues with the cravings and habbit, but they are decreasing daily. The biggest problem in the past was withdrawal, now that I am past that I will never have another cigerette. Thank you for your help. I am now a non smoker.


Enfield, NH

Hi Mike,

I just wanted to say thank you! You have helped over 20 employee's now at G.E. quit smoking. Not only has it made an improvement in their lives, it has also made an improvement in our productivity at the plant. Not to mention a better working environment for the other employee's. Keep up the GREAT work.

Yours Truly,


Hooksett, NH

Hi Mike,

Your staff helped a co-worker and me quit smoking about 8 months ago and we are happy to say, were still smoke free. It's amazing though, we have received numerous thanks from other co-workers. Since we have been in, you have successfully treated over 37 of our co-workers that we know of, or at least have acknowledged they had the laser treatment. We can't thank you and your staff enough. By the way, are you going to open a clinic sometime soon is Massachusetts? If you do, please let us know.

Again, thank you!


Woburn, MA

Dear Mark and Danielle of WOKQ,

I was writing in regard to my mother Jackie Gingras that recently won your giveaway to Advanced Laser therapy for quit smoking. I wanted to thank you both from the bottom of my heart. It has truly made a difference in all our lives. This has given her a new start on life smoke free....

Having a mother so dedicated to trying to stop but nothing worked. This gave her the hope and encouragement try again. We are so so proud of her accomplishment.

She is now 6 days smoke free and is looking forward to many more. Thank you so much for having these great give away. And thank you so much for choosing her letter.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate you and your station WOKQ 97.5....

Thank you so much

Stacy Lambert


Thank you, Thank you!!!! My husband saw you the beginning of January 2005. He is still smoke free. He used to smoke a least two packs a day and he is only 38 years old. I worried about his health and our life together, but now he feels better and we are both grateful to you every day.

Thank you for giving us a longer life together.

Erika Rogers

Hi Jeff,

I am happy to report that I have been smoke free since the day before I arrived at ALT. I am so excited! I don't even think about it when I drink anymore! Thanks so much for your amazing treatment as well as all your helpful facts and friendly words of encouragement.


Vero Beach

Hi Leslie,

I was contacted recently by phone with questions as to how I was doing since my laser treatment on Nov 28, 2005. I guess my response was note worthy as I was asked to drop you line and let you know how I was doing. All I can say is WOW! I am totally shocked by how the laser therapy has worked for me. From the first treatment until right this minute I have had absolutely no desire whatsoever to even pick up a cigarette !!!!!! The following morning after the first treatment I brought my dogs outside as soon as we got up. It wasn't until we were back inside that I realized that I had not smoked. That was usually the first one of the day and one that I smoked in "auto-pilot". I have gone out with people who smoke and it does not bother me in the least. Even with a few cocktails I have not had the desire at all. I am so totally done smoking! I know that I won't go back to it now. Over the last 30 years I have tried every possible way to quit! smoking and nothing has been successful for any length of time but Laser Therapy has been so easy! I actually forget that I used to be a smoker and it has only been 5 weeks!!! Thank you so much. I am referring everyone that I know to you. Hopefully they will take a chance and try it like I did. I know they will be non-smokers as soon as they do. Thanks again,

Kerry Whalley

Vero Beach, Fl

Hi Mike

I just want to let you know that since my session on November 18th, I haven't smoked one cigarette. I truly believe in your process, and I tell everyone I know and see. This is the first Christmas in 17 years that I did not have bronchitis. I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas!

Happy and Healthy,

Tracey K.


Hi from Fran, We made out OK during both hurricanes. We lost a lot of shingles and the soffet under our eaves, but got everything covered immediately so no leaking into the house. Will need new roof and soffet. Insurance is paying for everything, already have check but have to wait our turn cause everyone else had damage too. Didn't cause me to start smoking again so I'm still smokefree. Sorry about your damage. Hope everything works out soon for you.

Take care,


Hi Mike

I truly believe the laser works - I also believe you have to be at the point where you want to give it up. The laser certainly helped with the craving - addiction - I didn't feel anxious - angry or frustrated as I have in the past giving it up cold turkey - I am almost 7 weeks, feel great - although am way too hungry - so I have to be aware of that - smoking does increase your metabolism - so it would be great if there was another way to increase it - most difficult time is 5-7 pm..... Here's to laser therapy!!!!


I went through the "Stop Smoking" laser therapy over a month ago and I still haven't had a single puff since my treatment started. I have tried to stop smoking quite a few times, once with accupuncture, twice with hypnosis, and twice I tried patches and nicorette gum. None of these worked for me. Thanks to you 'Mike' at Advanced Laser Therapy I'm still smoke free and plan on staying that way.

Thanks again,


Vero Beach

"I chose to live"

I got to the point of my life that I was tired of being controlled by a deadly substance. The commercial on how deadly nicotine toxins are that stick to your clothes, your car, your home, or even worse YOUR LUNGS. Each time I smoked I thought why am I doing this; it was a fix for my addiction. I even tried to tell myself that I did not smoke that much and I could control it, but then I counted the years that I was a "part-time smoker" (ha, ha). Fourteen years went by; I tried gum, the patch, and even an inhaler (all contained nicotine). How can something with nicotine get you over the addiction to it? What a joke. I know people who are addicted to the gum; even that is disgusting. Nicotine kills; just like Crack, Heroin, or any other drug. It should be illegal.....

I heard of the laser treatment therapy, but was apprehensive that it would cost too much or it would be painful. Whatever it was going to take; I decided to do this for myself and my family.

I was driving down the road and saw a sign; literally a sign "Laser Therapy, Quit Smoking Now." So I called.

The staff was eager to answer my questions and I felt so comfortable; I made the appointment that same day. I went home smoked a couple of cigs, then said good-bye to the Nicotine Monkey. I took the full pack, ran water over them, and threw them away. All it took was a commitment to get to my appointment. The laser therapy was painless; actually very relaxing. That is what it is all about; you feel like you had a cig and you don't need one. I think there are 2 parts of the addiction #1 the Nicotine and #2 the physical addiction. You have to keep in your head that you are a nonsmoker and you want to live. The rest Mike will help you with. It was so easy and I am so glad that Laser Therapy came to Vero Beach! Every day I wake up I am so proud of myself. I will never touch a nasty cigarette again. Mike; thank you so much for adding years to my life.

With Gratitude,


Vero Beach, FL.


I just wanted to write to give you a quick follow up on me. I came to you on, March 4 2006 to quit smoking. At that time I was smoking almost 4 packs a day and at times into 4 packs, and I was only sleeping about 4-5 hours a night. At the time I went, my boyfriend also came for the treatment Jack). Here it is 10 months later and I still have not had one cigarette. Jack did start smoking again,I believe it was because of his line of work he is a Paver. He went back to work in may and not pick back up again until about his 3rd week into work. I feel it was because he related his breaks with a smoke and also all the other guys at worked smoked. As for myself I have no desire at all to ever smoke again. So many people have seen that this works for me that they too are going to quit or have quit. My sister is setting up a appointment for Jan. with you.

Again Thank You.

Susan Patnaude

Hi Emily,

Just a quick not to say it's been a month, and I must admit, I was worried about Thanksgiving this year. You know, all the family, in-laws and of course the normal strees, but I never had the desire to lite up. On top of that, all my family and extended family couldn't believe it.

Thanks again,



Hi Mike,

I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you! It's been 3 months, I have never made it more than 3 days in the past! I truly was impressed with your entire staff, from the time I made the appointment, to the time I arrived at your office. I will be referring you to our Human Resources department here at the hospital.

Happy Holidays,


Cambridge, MA

Hi Ceal,

I'd like to thank you personally, if it wasn't for you, I don't think I would have made the appointment. As you know, I've tried every method known to man over the last 37 years. So when I called pertaining to Laser Therapy, you understood my skeptism to say the least. I must say, it was you truly understanding my concerns, but more concerned for my well being, that re-assured me of your therapy. It been 4 months and I will never go back to smoking. You are truly an angel!



Manchester, NH


Sorry I took so long to write back to you! I experienced the laser therapy treatment on October 10th and have not smoked at all since. I feel so much better since becoming a nonsmoker; I no longer have a cough, my breathing is so much better and I can feel the increased capacity of my lungs.

I had tried to quit many, many times in the past but always gave into the terrible cravings that always occurred. Quitting with laser treatment has been so much easier. I don't have the constant cravings to smoke, I am not always eating, I have not gained any weight and I have so much more energy!

I have recommended Advanced Laser Therapy to every smoker I know! Keep up the good work and say hello to Cecile and Emily for me!



Fall River, MA

Hi Mike,

I visit your website from time to time and I'm so happy to see your now in New England! You treated me at your Vero Beach, Florida location over a year ago, and I'm still smoke free. I can't believe how it has changed my life, thank you! I will now let all of my friends and co-workers know that your here in New Hampshire, you're about an hour and 20 minutes from me in West Lebanon. I wish you all the best, take care.

Smoke Free in West Lebanon, NH

Jayne H.

Hi Mike,

Just a quick note to thank you for coming to Long Island New York. I just wanted to let you know Advanced Laser Therapy has changed some many lives here. It's unbelievable everybody in our entire group is still not smoking and it's been 3 months! We can't thank you and your staff enough.


Patchogue, Long Island

Hi Mike,

I just wanted to say thank you for helping me quit smoking. I've tried every method to quit during my 30+ years and have never been able to kick the habit until now. Thank you!


Merrimack, NH

Hi Mike,

Thank you, thank you! I can't thank you enough, I can wake up with out going into a coughing attack. I've smoked for 30 years and have never been able to get this monkey off my back. Not only do I thank you, but my entire family!


Ludlow, MA

Hi Mike,

WOW, what else can I say! I did it, and it didn't hurt a bit! I've tried everything, the patches, gum, lozenges, hypnosis, you name it. I did NOT have the desire, cravings or withdrawls, and my friends, co-workers and family still love me. I was not miserable or grouchy during the process.

Thank you,


Nashua, NH

Hi Mike,

Thank you for ending a 35 year battle. I never thought I could do this, but your staff made it possible from the time I walked in the door. My biggest worry was possible weight gain as you know, each time I had tried to quit in the past I gained from 15-20 pounds. It's now been 10 weeks and I'm the same weight and enjoying life!



Danville, NH

Hi Mike,

I just wanted to let you know our entire staff is still smoke free! The day we all agreed to give it a try, we didn't know what to expect. Your staff is excellent and the follow up has been GREAT! Our entire business is now smoke free, thanks to Advanced Laser Therapy. We are forever grateful!


Portland, ME

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