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Why should your company offer a smoking cessation program to your employees?

Because it will save your company time and money and lead to dramatic productivity increases

If a smoker leaves the office a minimum of 3 times per day for a cigarette (in addition to regular break & lunch times), with an average of 10 minutes each, that is 30 minutes per day of lost productivity or more than two hours every week. That equates to more than 3 full weeks per year in lost productivity. If an employee is paid $15.00/hour, then that's nearly $2,000 per year in lost productivity for one employee. Multiply that by 5 or even 100 employees that smoke and you're starting to have a noticeable impact on productivity, efficiency and costs.

Lower insurance costs (Health & Life)

I'm sure you're aware that a non-smoker usually incurs significantly lower insurance costs - for both health and life coverage, as they're less likely to contract a serious illness.

Decreases sick leave and payouts

Statistically, an employee that smokes is absent because of illness more often than one that does not smoke. Also, if an employee that smokes brings his or her illness into work chances are they pass their cold or sickness to other employees.

Improve Staff Health

Smokers who are able to quit often find significant improvements in the duration and quality of sleep and noticeable increases in energy. This also will generate more productivity for your business!

Delivers a significant benefit to the participating employees

All employees who are able to quit smoking will enhance their lives and the lives of their family members. If you ask a smoker they will tell you that they want to quit, but are hesitant, due to the pain, discomfort and low success rates of the standard smoking cessation methods.

Delivers aesthetic benefits to management, co-workers and customers

Wouldn't your office or business look more inviting and professional if there are no/fewer smokers standing outside? Does your staff interact closely with customers who might be bothered by the smell of smoke?

Why should your company choose Advanced Laser Therapy for its corporate smoking cessation program? Because it is faster, easier and more effective than the other methods!

Highest Success Rate (approx. 80-88% Success Rate)

For most businesses, it's the right results that count. When you review the costs and success rates of alternative methods, it becomes clear that Advanced Laser Therapy is the best way to go - to help to reach the objective of fewer smokers on staff.

Philosophy & Incentives

With a flat fee pricing plan - all of our incentive is to ensure that our clients quit smoking quickly and easily. For other methods, their financial incentive is to keep people addicted longer (and continuing to pay for their pills, patches, gums and fee-based consulting and support).

Participation and costs

Increased probability of success with support (and participation) of co-workers (and possibly family.) What we are suggesting is that your company offer the services of Advanced Laser Therapy as part of a corporate program for your employees (and possibly their spouses, too). Most companies would benefit from fewer smokers on staff and most smokers, say they want to quit, but are hesitant, due to the pain, discomfort and low success rates of the standard smoking cessation programs.

Corporate smoking cessation program cost sharing options:

1) Advanced Laser Therapy deducts $50 off of the original cost per Employee, making the total cost $350!

2) Employee pays $200, and company pays $150

3) Employee pays all up front, company reimburses after 3 months success.

Onsite corporate program

We can set up in corporate campus conference rooms or offices, or at a nearby hotel or conference center.

Our staff sets up treatment stations in your company's conference room or area of your business, making the situation more economical, quick and convenient for all involved. Each employee will require a 30-minute laser treatment session on two consecutive days, plus a one-hour group consultation.

We follow up with ALL patients in 30 and 90 days, and we reserve a complimentary treatment for each patient for up to six months.

Advanced Laser Therapy and our corporate smoking cessation program is faster, easier and more effective than any other method we know of to stop smoking. One of the best testimonials to our success is that everyone on staff at Advanced Laser Therapy was a patient before they joined the team!

We know this works and we're excited to offer this program to your organization.

Just have someone from your organization contact our corporate sales staff at (603) 648-7848, if you have additional questions - or would like to discuss how to move forward with our corporate program.

Good Health,

Michael L. Dafoe, Co-Founder/President

Advanced Laser Therapy

112 Riverway Place, Bedford, NH 03110

(603) 644-QUIT or (603) 644-7848

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